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. some of the low clouds producing some heavy mist and drizzle. we are definitely going to keep that in the accu-weather forecast for this evening. burlingame, san mateo and redwood city. a slight chance of some sprinkles and maybe just heavy mist and drizzle tonight and tomorrow morning. and the temperatures are starting to cool off a bit. we are in the 50s. rain returns this week. i'll show you when you can expect it coming up. >>> the death toll is climbing as there are more rocket attacks between israel and the gaza strip. air raid sirens warned of more than a hundred rockets launched from gaza. more than 81 palestinians have been killed since last wednesday. coming up at 11 oocht 30, -- 11:30, why there is growing concern of a ground attack. >> he is there and the first u.s. leader ever to visit the southeast asian country with a history of authoritarian rule and ethnic violence. the president is meeting with the add vaw set and later will meet with the country's president and prime minister in a show for recent democratic reforms. an east bay community gathered to mourn th
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a little bit of moisture developing in the north bay. much of this is what we call low-level moisture, mist or drizzle, sprinkle activity. wins towards santa rosa, petaluma. now advancing down toward novato and spreading east, knoxville road, picking up sprinkles. so this will continue to move south throughout the course of the evening. another batch just developed to the south and west. and will slide towards the south and east so a chance of maybe a sprinkle, a little mist and drizzle overnight. right now we're in the 50s, a few low 60s. in san jose right now, 61 degrees. our forecast. drizzle and areas of fog overnight. mainly north bay and near the coast. chance of sprinkles maybe north for monday afternoon, and the showers return for the entire bay area late tuesday and wednesday. lows tonight pretty uniform, in the north and east bay location, in he 40s. 52 for san francisco. san jose, 48 degrees. now, let me explain to you tomorrow's forecast. we have this cold front. it is going to stay to the north for the next couple of days. we have high pressure trying to build in and here's the
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misty skies and low clouds. that's the most rain out of the pattern right now. the mist from the fog. more mist coming our way on wednesday. the series of storms coming in, bringing gusty winds 15 to 30 miles an hour. arriving in time for the wednesday morning commute and total rainfall amounts, starting from wednesday in to next weekend are looking very impressive depending on where you are in the bay area. you will see a bigger punch for parts of the bay area less than others. we will talk you through the timing and how much rain we are looking at here over the next seven days in the full forecast. that is a few minutes from now. >> thank you, rob. >>> oakland police are searching for a gunman who killed two women this morning. the shooting and around 6:00 this morning in the street near minna and brookdale avenue. it is not clear where the women were from or what led to the shooting. their deaths bring the oakland homicide rate to 115 for the year, which is five more people than in all of 2011. >>> new details on a deadly crime spree in san jose. the 15-year-old suspect linked to
have swept onshore. some dense fog out toward the coastline. and even a little mist and drizzle so the roads may be a little slick. now, of the temperatures outside, we have some of that fog into the bay, as well. some clouds into san jose, 57 degrees. 51 in santa rosa. 54 degrees and cloudy skies into san francisco. these temperatures really taking a nosedive today. yesterday, we had some 70s and mid-80s again. but that sea breeze kicking in these numbers are going to drop about 9 to 15 degrees from yesterday's highs. if you think today is cool, just wait until tomorrow. we are going to throw in some rain too. we'll have more on that coming up. l have more on that coming but right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> could have an interesting morning commute. right now, though, things are quiet. if you are heading into san francisco, from the east bay, this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. obviously no metering lights, still before 5:00 this morning. everything is cruising all the way across the upper deck. let's go to our other live traffic cameras. chp issued
. blue part of the screen is an indication there is misting or light rain. sandhya will keep you posted throughout the afternoon. >> carolyn: lindsay lohan is in trouble with the law. she was arrested on assault charges early this morning. police say she hit a woman in the face during an argument. that club avenue at chelsea. few hours she was charged in california for a car crash earlier this year. they accuse her of reckless driving as she crashed her porche in the back of a dump truck. >> we're hearing that joe jackson is being treated at las vegas hospital. michael jackson's father is in good spirits and expected to be sent on home on friday. he has had several small strokes. it occurred twice before this. >> carolyn: they talk about the hobbit and "dancing with the stars" pro is going to take an acting gig. >> the hobbit, it doesn't hit theaters. but hit a world premiere in new zealand. peter jackson and other stars were there for the celebration. and the star talked about the film's title. >> it's an unexpected journey but for all of us it was extremely unexpected. >> it's an unex
, drizzle out there as well, a little mist. thick fog in the valleys so watch out for that. this afternoon sunshine in spots but it will be much, much cooler outside. highs today in the 60s near the coastline with clouds lingering there. and maybe some low 70s in the warmest spots inland. so big changes today as that ridge of high pressure has been giving way now to that trough coming off the gulf of alaska. so that's ushered in the sea breeze to much cooler temperatures and could lead to rain toward tomorrow. so big changes today. those temperatures going to drop about 5 to 15 degrees. but by tomorrow even colder and a chance of some showers in the bay area. all right. here's the very latest. you can see on the computer model we have some low clouds and fog starting out this morning. through the day it will linger toward the coastline. toward tomorrow, the showers begin to move in. unsettled weather, much cooler weather will continue not only tomorrow but it looks like into friday too. a chance of more showers rolling in toward the bay area. so with that in mind, we are going to keep thin
caution. >> it looks like our jackie has found some rain. >> is this kind of a heavy mist. you can sit all so that the lights are shining awful the wet road way. it is that much difference same one last time we started to see rain come down about 7:30 p.m.. it really drenched the children last night. it seems like we got ramose of the night and dried out a little bit about 3:00 a.m.. >> to new this morning stockton police have made an arrest due to a homicide. the body of 25 year-old anna was found inside a trash can in pleasanton. authorities determined that she was--he was arrested for this woman's murder. the police are still asking the public for their help. tice the polic officers make sure that these offenders were following guidelines. they were not allowed to leave their home from 5:00 p.m. on halloween day until 6:00 a.m. the following day they cannot pass out candies w, where costumes for decorate their homes. there were no reports of anything like this happening last night. >> san francisco police are looking for two people who they stated said a muni bus on fire. a the police a
francisco. cloudy over the bay, it was very thick early on this morning. even some mist. what a change from yesterday with highs in the 80s. partial clearing this afternoon. temperatures going to be way down as much as 5 to 15 degrees cooler today and then tonight, mostly cloudy with some areas of fog but by tomorrow even cooler and a chance of showers. so you can see this ridge sliding eastward now as this trough begins to dig its way along the west coast. so high giving way now and that means, well, we're back to some cooler weather and chance of showers as we head in toward tomorrow. big changes on the way the next couple of days. so here we go. let's see if we can time this out for you. patchy fog starting to break up a little bit in the afternoon. and then as we get into tonight, we'll see more fog, but tomorrow that chance of rain on the increase throughout the day. noontime, a chance of showers there along the peninsula stretching into parts of the east bay. i think you get the idea, more scattered showers with the storm system that moves on by keeping things very unsettled right int
there are a number of night time entertainment uses. you have slims, dna, butter bar, mist, beat box, and you have a couple of vacant sites on the corner as well. we also have a couple of bars in the area, and there is a limited amount of residential development in the area too, right on 11th street and also in the surrounding area. although a large portion of those are live-work units and effectively function for the purpose of conflicts with other uses they function as residential uses. society first option to look at. >> >> for this area is basically as is in terms of as is proposed and that is keeping the corridor zoned wmug and what that would do is mean new night time entertainment uses would not be permitted and the current uses are legal conforming uses like they have for the last 20 years. the existing night time uses could potentially expand 25% with conditional use and dna lounge that came before the commission to expand this year and they would allowed to reoccupy a building under demolition with the new code and they couldn't do under the current code. residential uses are allowed
. my first book "high crime of mist ya with" i ask see area of morning interviews. this one they won't attack me when i'm not there. which is what they usually do. this one they do not want you to read. it is a emergency book. i wanted to come out before the election goes there. a brief history of racial demagogue i are from the west. and never produced white guilty. it produced disaster, heart break, crime, death. it has been a disaster for america. most of all for black people, and so the point of it is to say don't fall for white guilt, again, the last time you fell for it in 2008, look what that produced. [laughter] don't fall for it again. don't make the same mistake again. i think it's a fun book to read. most of it will be stories you have never read before. thank you, i'll sign your books now. [applause] [inaudible conversations] thank you are you leaving? >> yeah. >> it's your fault we department get to mingle. [laughter] i have to go back to d.c. that's all i'm getting from you? [laughter] evaluate h i was telling me friend how i tell the whipper snappers at events you hang
to the answers and meets the schedules so we will remain oft mist i think on that behalf and the process is important to us. we are going to respect it. what happens so far is not disrespect to the process for the community and we just need to do a better job and make sure we can communicate what you have and how we are addressing those concerns on behalf of everybody involved here so i have a couple of specific questions. one i just want to understand in the resolution we're talking about creating a performance benchmark for negotiating the conceptual framework so jennifer or brad if you can explain how to give a better definition of that. >> yes commissioner. so the exclusive negotiating agreement is a document that really governs the negotiation between our development partner and city staff, and you approved a resolution authorizing city staff to enter into -- monique and jennifer enter into exclusive negotiating agreement with the warriors. that happened this summer, and that document set forth a series of target dates and performance dates for different steps along the path that
scandal that brought down david petraeus, the head of the cia, many claim his mist rest, paula broadwell is taking the brunt of the ridicule. to women pay the price when it comes to high-profile affairs? david wright takes a look. >> reporter: the general and biography, juicy enough to take down america's spy master, obvious fodder for "saturday night live." >> next, author paula broadwell -- >> reporter: opening this weekend with a parody of a paula broadwell book reading. >> lock the door, said the general, with my skirt hiked up above my waist -- >> reporter: her david petraeus biography as "50 shades of grey." >> pull my hard and spank me. >> reporter: the humor and criticism came mainly at the woman's expense. >> i think it's very clear from the media treatment of the personalities involved that this is a form of theater and that it is a sexist form of theater. in which whoever the woman is, she's always mocked, derided, and you know, that kind of mo mockery is not really aimed at the man. >> reporter: powerful men do pay a price for their sex scandals n petraeus' case it cost his j
to upper 60s inland. >>> it was wet coming through marin county, san rafael, misting and wet roads about an hour ago. golden gate bridge relatively dry, roadwork on the north part of the span in the process of being picked up light traffic there. couple of issues, eastbound 580 at grant line accident blocking left lane. southbound 88 580 marina on and off-ramps, affected by an accident. roadwork eastbound highway 4 at loveridge for another half an hour. >>> we have breaking news from redwood city. crews on the scene of a water main break on brewsster avenue and warren near the san mateo county government center -- two hopes have been flooded crews are using pumps to remove water from the basement of those two homes. >>> more breaking news from tel aviv. there's been an attack on a security guard at the u.s. embassy. a spokeswoman says a man tacked a guard this morning with a knife and a injuring that guard in the leg. one witness described the weapon as a pitchfork. guards took the man into custody. he's a 41-year-old israeli man with mental health problems. we'll continue to follow the
, and mist and drizzle. so we'll have to deal with some fog tomorrow morning as well. the rest of the bay area right now seeing some clear sky. live doppler 7hd right now picking up a little bit of the light fog near the golden gate bridge, north bay, east bay. mainly clear conditions. the low cloudiness will return coastside and on the peninsula overnight. right now, 50s, with the exception, napa, 48. we have 46 in livermore. 55, mountain view. 54 in san francisco. here is a look at our forecast, low clouds and fog overnight. dry and cooler temperatures monday, and extending into tuesday, and then by mid-week, that's when the storms will start to move in with heavy rain and also some pretty gusty wind expected across the bay area. let's check out the forecast for tonight. early tomorrow morning. once again the fog not as widespread this morning but nonetheless still in the protected valley areas, north bay, fairfield, delta, and even possibly the peninsula near sfo. so some flights could encounter a few delays tomorrow morning. 4 for santa rosa overnight, and 51 in san francisco. folks,
. the stocks delined a mist concerns. dough fell 89 point. retailers boasting record sales for sign or monday. a survey shows online sales rhodes 30%. compared to same lime last year. that make it is the biggest online shopping day ever. researchers sate number of people shopping with their smart phones jumped more than 70%. >> a new program is giving potential home inners neither bay area some home. officials in oakland this morning to announce city lift fm. offers down payment assistance. the program a joint effort betweenwells for a foe and the unity council to revitalize neighborhoods. >>> a great holiday season experience 250 families are going tote to get a $20,000 down paint towards stabilizing many of the neighborhoods in oaklandened surrounding cities. >>> city lift fm applies to potential home buyers. anyone interested can aplay at workshop at oakland convention center on the 7th and 8th. >>> the hell rate ised broadcast cancer risk here seems not ton so much special what happen researchers discovered around the rest of the bay. >> they carried the same rifles. >> family members of
. >>> good morning. we are looking at very light returns right now, there is mist and drizzle as well, as we look further north this is the beginning of the next system. it has a long i was to go before it gets here. right now light showers up highway 101 san rafael through larkspur light sprinkle into the east bay and south bay. timing slowed didn't a little. that could be problematic, because it is going to dump very heavy rain over the bay area. 3:00 this afternoon still showers, evening commute showers on the peninsula, south bay, take a look what happens friday morning, very heavy rain, it doesn't push through until the afternoon hours. we're talking about more showers behind it, still another system that is going to bring rivers and streams up to perhaps flood stage in napa and the russian river on sunday. >>> several bay area communities especially vulnerable to approaching storms are taking new action. amy hollyfield is live in pacifica on esplanade. >> reporter: we checked in on two spots daly city and here in pacifica. here residents aren't nervous they are so committed to this are
was the mist meet with stone ridge. what a meet you broke two of your own personal school records here tonight. 200 im and the butterfly. do you feel good get back in the water with your teammates? >> yes, it did. it was great to be on deck with the friends and have fun and just relax and we did a great catholic charities coat drive which was great for the three catholic schools here to be a part of. >> now i want to let the viewers at home know there's been a lot of extra media here today for the first meet. lots of people taking pictures and at will have parents were like -- a lot of parents were like katie is in first. katie is in first. i talked to the coach earlier, it's become an inspiration for the community. do you feel that you have inspired this community? >> it's great when i hear something like that. i just feel like if i can inspire some person, or anybody, that it just means a lot to me to know that they're that excites about swimming or moved them in some way or gives them a dream. so just if i can do that in any way possible it's a great thing. >> you seem to be getting used to
. beautiful today, but it could be a messy night. >>> our chief meteorologist says there is a mist behind you? >> the radar lighting up like a christmas tree. it happens we have another hour or so around the area. the rain is knocking in on the western part of the viewing area, frederick and rain moving in to carroll county, the more significant rain is coming in through walkersville, getting some showers also out toward union bridge, a little rain flying there. colder air coming in. the rain is ahead of the big blast of cooler air that will make its presence felt tomorrow. the warmest we'll see is tonight at 12:01. after that, temperatures will fall. 48 when you wake up with rain, ugly conditions, give yourself some extra time for the morning commute. we'll talk about how things change. >>> thank you, tonight a breaking newseum date. a baltimore police officer has been suspended over allegations of sexual misconduct. >> we are live with more on the story. >> reporter: baltimore city's new police commissioner held a news conference. he is only in office a week and is dealing with a serious al
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it is very hard to categorize people in china as reform mist and conservatives but, which are rubbery term but some of the more liberal and nationally minded people did not get on and that would be disappointing for many people. the second thing is, you know exactly what, you know, political personnel xi jinping has and exactly what power will he have as an individual as general secretary of the party and that might be answered for at least, may not be answered for one or two years. one thing we can say about xi jinping it will be a vastly superior representative of china on the world stage than huh engine too his predecessor, he also zoomed seemed to have a car irs ma bypass, he had no personality, he had no ability to speak off-the-cuff. and xi jinping seems altogether a more comfortable, larger, more interesting figure to repsent china on the world stage. >> rose: james fallows you seem to be nodding in some degree of agreement. >> yes, and partly because richard mcgregor is one of the world's great experts in the chinese communist party and the leadership struggles therein and also bec
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 136 (some duplicates have been removed)